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Library Conservation

Groups of Arts Society volunteers carry out Conservation work in important libraries across the country. These include libraries in historic houses, cathedrals, museums and academic institutions.  All groups are provided with initial training by an Independent Library Conservator, Caroline Bendix, who then gives further training annually.
Books are assessed, cleaned and repairs are carried out and recorded. All work is done to Conservation standards. The work’s purpose is to prevent further deterioration of the books, to ensure they continue to have future usefulness for historians, academics and other readers, and to ensure the continuation of such library collections as part of our cultural heritage.
The work done by Arts Society volunteers is greatly appreciated by both librarians and our host institutions. This is a recognition of the hard work and commitment of our volunteers, who become increasingly skilled, and also of the high quality of our continuing training by Caroline Bendix.

Pusey House

The foundation of Pusey House Library was laid with the acquisition of Dr Pusey’s books after his death. They reflect, not only his part in Church affairs in the 19th century, but also his studies in Old Testament literature, Semitic ...