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Study Days

A Study Day provides an opportunity for a subject to be examined in greater depth led by an expert in the field.
It takes place over one day with two morning sessions with refreshments provided and after an excellent lunch an afternoon session. 

More details of the day can be found  here Study Day Arrangements

Information about buying tickets will be sent to all members by email

  • Lunch is included in the ticket price. A vegetarian option may be ordered on booking.
  • If you have any special requirements, eg wheelchair provision please make it clear when buying the ticket.

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Friday 17 November 2023 – The World Class Art at the Tate

Lecturer: Ian Swankie

Booking Months: September, October 2023
Cost:  £35
Location:  Letcombe Regis Village Hall, OX12 9LJ

This Study Day will be an armchair tour of the wonderful art collection at Tate.
It starts outside Tate Britain with an introduction to the founding of the collection and the architecture of the building, then we explore the works. Tate Britain houses art by British artists, and artists who have worked in Britain.
lt covers the period from the 1500’s to the present day.

Next we move along the river to Tate Modern, the cathedral of international modern art.
We look at the sleek new architecture and its engagement with the local environment, then we have a tour of the highlights of the collection.
From the twentieth and twenty first centuries the collection comes from all over the world. Some are easy to explain and some are quite challenging, but they all have a place.
Tate Modern is the most visited art museum in the world.

Friday 08 March 2024 – Art in the City

Lecturer: Alexandra Epps

Booking Months: Members to be notified
Cost:  To be decided – Coffee and lunch included
Location:  Letcombe Regis Village Hall, OX12 9LJ

This Study Day will start by exploring the fascinating post-war stained glass within the historic churches of London, followed by the often intriguing, modern and contemporary, public art on its historic streets and finally look at how artists have been inspired by the River Thames over the last 300 years.